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Rip currents can speed up dramatically in a short time. The unsteady flow of a rip current is similar to standing in a river on land. The strong flow can sweep you off your feet, Carey said. "An adult standing in waist-deep water in a rip current would find it hard to stay in the same place," she said. 

After Remy and Papoose let their personal experience play out in front of the cameras, some people questioned why they chose to be so candid. And, it was actually Papoose’s idea to open up about their miscarriage. The couple wanted to let others know that they were not alone in that experience. Not to mention, so many of Remy and Papoose’s fans adore and support them because of how open they are. With that being said, hopefully we’ll be getting some good news very soon!

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Remy Stroomer Remy DisconnectedRemy Stroomer Remy DisconnectedRemy Stroomer Remy DisconnectedRemy Stroomer Remy Disconnected