Funkstörung viceversa.

Vice Versa is a collection of remixes done by the German IDM outfit Funkstörung and released on October 30, 2001. Also included are "Salt", a collaboration with rapper Beans , and "I Want Some Fun", a track taken from Jay Jay Johanson 's Funkstörung-produced album Antenna . It is the second collection of Funkstörung remixes, the first being Additional Productions , released in 1999. Since Funkstörung usually rework the source material rather radically, these collections are often regarded as albums. Vice Versa was sold in a grey cardboard sleeve wrapped in thin styrofoam , with a printed paper strip around it, which makes the packaging very prone to damage. The packaging style is done as if it was inside-out; the inside is printed (while unopenable) with letters printed in obverse. Squeezing open the package allows one to see inside.

Funkstörung Viceversa.Funkstörung Viceversa.Funkstörung Viceversa.Funkstörung Viceversa.