Girls in trouble girls in trouble

A riverboat singer with a weakness for gambling wants to find his lucky red head, but his girlfriend Frankie is not amused.

Bullet is a squirrel who Bubbles saved and then later was given Chemical X by Bubbles in order to overcome the lethal injuries she had been given by a hawk. As a result, she gained the powers of the Powerpuff Girls, and is currently the protector of Townsville woods. She appeared in the episodes Stray Bullet and The City of Nutsville .

Girls Aloud were formed as part of the 2002 TV show Popstars: The Rivals, and achieved immediate success when their debut single Sound of the Underground reached the Christmas number one spot. Since then, the girls have had hits with the album of the same name, plus singles Jump, Some thing Kind Of Ooooh, Love Machine and I'll Stand By You, the song for Children in Need 2004.

They have enjoyed more success with the albums What Will the Neighbours Say and Chemistry, which garnered numerous award nominations and supplied chart-topping hits, and made them the girl band with the most consecutive top 10 hits in UK chart history.

On 26 September 2007, it was announced that Girls Aloud have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records 2008 for the "Most Consecutive Top Entries in the UK by a Female Group". Their fourth album - Tangled Up - was released in November 2007. Girls Aloud will embark on their fourth tour in May 2008.

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Girls In Trouble Girls In TroubleGirls In Trouble Girls In Trouble