Pavement - crooked rain crooked rain

And each one baffled fans who thought they knew exactly what Pavement would do next, because the band was too restless/bratty/stubborn/maddening to do the obvious next move. As Malkmus sang in “The Secret Knowledge of Backroads,” circa 1992, right after  Slanted came out: “Hunter called, said to me/ It’s not as good as the first EP.” (Everyone in Charlottesville knew Hunter, just as every town had a Hunter or two. He was cool. ) 

vivastudio’s “GROUNDED” release for Fall/Winter 2017 will soon be available via the brand’s own web shop .

in moonlight
swish of owl wings, this heartstab:
glitter can gloss blight
nearby, a bell tolls changes

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Pavement 's second full-length was less quirky and diffuse than their first and even yielded their career's only modest hit, "Cut Your Hair." Best of all, sweetly catchy songs such as "Gold Soundz" and "Range Life" showed that Pavement were more than just smirky indie rockers.

* The above passages were taken from an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) article titled, Building Livable Communities Starts with a Watershed Address .

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Pavement - Crooked Rain Crooked RainPavement - Crooked Rain Crooked RainPavement - Crooked Rain Crooked RainPavement - Crooked Rain Crooked Rain