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Every successful person has to jump.  If you are getting up everyday and not giving it your all, you are just existing in life.  You are not here to simply "exist".  As an entrepreneur, you are passionate and you have embraced what you are good at.  You know your strengths and you have identified your weaknesses.  Now it's time to build on what you are good at, and find others to fill in the gaps of where you are lacking.  Go out today and meet someone new.  Every day have a goal to meet 5 new people, and build on those relationships.  Get out of your comfort zone, and make this commitment.  

In 1993, Sandra released a new version of " Maria Magdalena " with a techno arrangement and futuristic music video. The re-recording turned out a flop, signaling her declining popularity. Nonetheless, she sang in three songs on Enigma's next album, The Cross of Changes , including hit single " Return to Innocence ".

“On June 6, Minister Freeland outlined a new foreign policy for Canada, and underscored our commitment to a rules-based international order, progressive trade policies, gender equality, and fighting climate change.”

Michael Cretu Today TodayMichael Cretu Today TodayMichael Cretu Today TodayMichael Cretu Today Today