Mad luv no no!

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Only fools condemn the success and achievement of other. Mannie, instead of condemning him, work on yourself to be as successful as he is.

They were uncomfortable little snots that just kept on going. Sans the rust, I have NEVER seen one without at least a little rust.

Now just alternate between rows of bobbles and single crochet, until you reach your desired length before decreasing.  (Remember to always chain two at end of rows before turning and begin bobble stitch rows by bobbling twice  into first stitch–the initial two chains complete the bobble).  IF YOU CAN, it is SO MUCH BETTER to make this with the intended person handy. Fitting can be tricky, and I highly recommend making this while intermittently trying it on to ensure a good fit.  I did 16 rows total (8 bobble, single) for a child, 22 rows (11 bobble, 11 single) for around my size, and 26 rows (13 bobble, 13 single) for my husband. That includes increase/decrease rows, so for my size, I’d have 4 rows increasing, 14 full rows, and then 4 rows decreasing.

As Araka said:
well im not sure this will work on you but this is how i install this game :
your locale to Japanese
any antivirus
MUVLUV_ with daemon tools
SETUP & Install it
run the game it will work but still in japanese language (close the game)
&install the english patch
マブラヴ to the installation folder and hit REPLACE.

Mad Luv No No!Mad Luv No No!Mad Luv No No!Mad Luv No No!