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GET THE MANGO! Yeah Jam Fury tests your speed and ingenuity in over 100 levels of smiling face blocks. Utilize all three of your egos to create blocks, scale walls ...

Oh my…. this is so tempting! Seeds notwithstanding! If they bother in any way, you could strain them, or do you think they add to the overall flavor upon setting?

Again, if you are a parent, you understand the fears of the dangers that are out there from cyber predators. Something our children clearly could not understand, or grasp. But they do deserve to observe, explore and learn. That is what National Geographic is offering. A safe, fun educational website with games, coloring, and fun resources about animal wildlife. Now we also want you to know that even if you are not interested in investing in the weekly or monthly membership at this time there is a free trial available and a free membership with limited access to the site. Or if you are not open to having your children online, there are still options for you and your children. With free printable coloring pages, mazes and other fun pages for children of all you stop and look at the benefits of Animal jam, and compare them to the other games that are online or on your cell phone, you will see how this is the safest way to go. There are not too many sites out there that offer moderators 24/7 on their websites. And if you ever have an issue with another member or any concerns you have direct access to customer service and the moderators to eliminate the issue right away.

Official JFJ 2016 Flyers! Character by Dave Azma Knauer, Layout by Dave Orantes!! August 6th is just around the corner!! See you there!

here come the homemade holiday gifts, thanks to this recipe! can’t wait to try. How much butter though? tablespoon or teaspoon? THANK YOU!

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