Fifty hertz 50 hertz / selector selectors get up / move your body

Please note that the same problem also exist in transformers as I explained, they also burn out after a while, also a transformer is made for either 50 or 60 Hertz. Take for instance the transformers which are used for printers to convert them to either a DC or AC voltage of somewhere around 12 volts, they burn quickly if there made cheap in China or Taiwan. The insulation of the wiring is done at minimum for 60 Hertz because of high volume and fine for 60 Hertz but not for 50 Hertz. Also the transformer for a celphone to connect it to the mains and charge the battery.

The input transformer like a computer or television or radio equipment is usually not a problem because they are used by the manufacturer all over the world and they make in that case only one model which can be used for both Hertz.

The equation relating these quantities is #v=flambda# where #v# is the velocity #(ms^-1)# , #f# is the frequency #(Hz = s^-1)# and #lambda# is the wavelength #(m)# .

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Quantum computing is promising, but further development is needed. The catch is it's difficult to make qubits uniform and stable because they need extreme cooling. Intel is taking a practical approach to quantum computing and emphasizing packaging and materials. IBM is doing something similar with an emphasis on cloud delivery.